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PreciSe Hyper iMage Optics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd (PHYO), professional working on the precision optics, optical lenses, and electro optical system integration related industry. 

With a long development history, we gather a lot of precious experience along with our precious team, with the state-of-arts facilities, we also ISO9001:2015 certified, in order to provide a more stable service along with our strong backup of technical support.

Mainly our work area:

Precision Optical Components, from flat windows or prisms optics to Lens and aspherical, including thin film coating for a wide range of spectrum.

Electro Optical Infrared system related modules or integration, like the Payload, Visible Camera, lenses, Thermal image Camera sensor or core, Laser Range finder and Designator, from the components like the diamond turned aspherical lens, to modules like LRF, thermal core, or the Payload system, we can provide you the satisfied customized or OEM solutions. 

You can choose your items freely from our exist specification, or 100% customized design upon the specification request. Moreover, we are always working towards “upgrade” our service to “Premium” for you.

Feel Optics in PHYO.

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